I am a professional proofreader specializing in legal transcripts.

As a court reporter, you are responsible for producing a verbatim record of various legal proceedings.  Constructing quality transcripts involves a lot of time and hard work.  I can give you the gift of having more free time by working hard to ensure the accuracy of these very important documents by providing meticulous and precise proofreading.

Why should you trust me with your transcripts, and, essentially, your good name? 

I know the utmost necessity of preserving the integrity and authenticity of verbatim speech while still maintaining readability.  With an eye for detail, I fastidiously read every word and search for errors in spelling, punctuation, format, spacing, capitalization, time lines, dates, addresses, address formats, homonyms, and by-lines.  I make sure attorneys’ and witnesses’ names are spelled correctly throughout the transcript.  I check if exhibits are listed correctly by page, exhibit name, and line number.  I research all company names and trademarks, pharmaceuticals, and attorney and firm names.

I am good at what I do because I love what I do.

I have proofread thousands of pages of legal transcripts including depositions, examinations under oath, hearings, trials, interpreted proceedings, sworn/unsworn statements, arbitrations, and medical and technical expert testimony.

I know the rules.

I follow NCRA guidelines, and the teachings of Morson’sEnglish Guide for Court Reporters, by Lillian I. Morson, Court Reporting:  Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, by Margie Wakeman Wells, The Gregg Reference Manual by William A. Sabin, and Transcript Proofreading:  Theory and Practice.